Can someone tell me all the 07 colors that the Coin Purses come in?

  1. Are they all the same colors as the bags? Or do some colors not come in the coin purses?

    I wonder what's in stock now for coin purses at Barneys. I want one so badly :graucho:
  2. I do too. I think I am going to wait until Marigold comes out.

    I called BalNY on monday to find out what colors they had in stock and the SA was sooo rude to me. It was like I was wasting her time by asking about a measly $285 coin purse instead of a $1,200 bag. :cursing: The nerve! I am upset that I didn't get that girl's name because when the new colors come in, I want to make sure that I don't order ANYTHING from that girl. Oh well!
  3. ^^ sorry to hear about that polos26. I was at Bal-NY last week and bought a Rouille 06 coin purse (the SA thought it was the 07 Paprika but I checked the paper tag when I got home and it was 2006, I didn't bother returning it because I fell inlove with the color.

    Anyway, the SA showed me 5 colors - tomato, rouille, black, mastic, ocean.

    I'm pretty sure they still have those 5 colors in stock.

    I am also waiting for a marigold coin purse! :yes:
  4. Interesting... when I asked her what colors they had she was like: what are you looking for? and I said I wasn't sure, that it would depend on what they had, so she was like: well tell me what you want so I can narrow it down (insert attitude here). so I told her that I wanted colors, (ie, not black or brown) and she told me that all they had left were browns.... :sad:

    I really wish I had gotten her name...

    Anyway, I am sold on Marigold so I will just wait and hope to get a nicer person next time! :p
  5. You know, I actually called before I came to the store that same day. And I was also asked what colors I was looking for. If I rememeber it right, the SA told me they have tomato and ocean (only). Later on that day I decided to stop by the store and check it for myself. The SA that I spoke to over the phone was the same SA that helped me in the store. She was very helpful and I was sold to rouille. LOL.

    I do want the marigold and violet. Did you call and have em put your name on the waitlist for the marigold?
  6. I asked her if I should and she told me NO! :cursing: Should I??
  7. You should. When I called that day I asked to put my name on the list.

    You know, just to be on the safe side. :tup:
  8. yeah, you are right. Do you remember your SA's name?
  9. I think maybe the Tomato would be really cute out of those choices. I definitely don't want it in a brown or black. It's fun to do the coin purses in the wild colors.
  10. Sadly, I have the feeling I know here name!! :cursing::cursing: Good luck on your hunt for the perfect little coin purse!!
  11. Ask for Crystal. She is very helpful ;)
  12. Thanks!