Can someone tell me about this bag ???

  1. Hey guys.

    I've been watching this bag, which is for sale on a eBay-kind-of-site . The man who sells it says, that it is a bag which not many stores has in store . He got that one in Paris. He say he has the org. receipt.

    When was this made ? Because I can't find it online and I check the website quite often.

    Please, do not remove this thread to the 'authentic ...' since that isn't the question.
  2. The bag in the photo looks like the LV Attaquant, done a few years ago in the men's Damier Geant Canvas. No longer being made, I remember it was pricey for a duffle bag.

  3. If he have the receipt ask him to send you a picture of it, the recipt should have information, maybe name, model# and date. It is a very nice duffel bag. :yes:
  4. This is the Attaquant from Mens Spring/summer 2004 (?), its a really nice bag and can be used to store footballs I remember it said on the LV website at the time of release.
  5. Yep it's the Attaquant- it was definitely released in terre (like the one you're looking at), sand, and maybe black. The interior is divided into two pockets for holding a soccer ball and shoes- I believe the retail prive was around $1,200- $1,400.
  6. I just really looked at the picture- he has a sand Attaquant as well in the corner ;)
  7. The Damier Geant Attequant came in Terre [M93064], Sable [M93065], and Black [M93066]. The dimensions are as follows: 20.5" x 10.2" x 10.2". I know it was released in '04, just can't remember if it was S/S or F/W... :hrmm:
  8. Which website did you found that bag from,Lvuitton? i've been looking for this bag quite a long time.
  9. Yes that's the Attaquant in Damier Geant. If I remember correctly, the retail price was US $1450. The interior is divided into two sections. One section is capable of holding a soccer ball and the other is capable of holding your soccer shoes (don't know what they're called :sad: sorry. The cool thing is that it's very masculine to look at.
  10. and its a duffle that you can put over shoulder:tup: