Can someone tell me about Mini lin--saumur XL

  1. i want to know the price of this bag,lovin'it:heart:
    and here're pic of bag.
    o,very thanks all ur reply:p
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]Louis VuittonMonogram Mini Lin Saumur XL$1,540.00

    it is gorgeous! i want the smaller one.
  3. I have the Mini Lin Speedy and love it. My only concern with the Saumur is the buckles. While they look great, I find it a pain to get in and out of asll the time.
  4. My mom bought the smaller Saumur and at first she thought it would go on her nerves to unbuckle the buckles every time she opened the bag. But she looooves the bag and wears it every day. When I told her that there will be a light colored Saumur soon, she immediately said she'd buy it.
  5. thanks for u all~
    and dose it will look to big to me?as a girl?
  6. i have mono saumur, the best bag ever!!!! buckle is not pain in the butt at all!!!!
  7. Mini Lin is so elegant and playful!! I think it's really classy! Beautiful bag!
  8. I love the mini lin as well but the saumur xl is huge
  9. i think the regular saumur is a great size!
  10. huh.......really? it's really huge?cos i can't choose the size,the one it's my friend's ,and he wants to sell.and i wanna i like the big bag,i need to take full score in.:shame:
  11. saumur XL is huge IMO....
  12. :amazed: :amazed: how huge?does someone has pic that the person with XL........
    i have no idea///////