Can someone take a Belen Echandia Stroke Me comparison pic?

  1. If you have a Stroke Me in a large AND a medium, can you take a pic of the medium one laying on top of the large one? I want to see how they compare to each other in size and shape. Its hard to tell from 2 separate pics
  2. Sukey, It's hard to show the medium on top of the large but here's a shot.

    The medium is smaller than the picture shows...
    Kiwi SM on Petrol SM.jpg
  3. thanks! I just cant make up my mind...I know the color I want, but which size,......
  4. I had that same problem deciding Sukey and I went with the large. It was too big for me and I am exchanging it for the medium. Good luck with your decision.

    Morebags- thanks for posting the comparison pics!
  5. I think you are getting the last medium...I guess I'll have to wait to see if she makes anymore of them. I talked to her last week about it but couldn't decide...that's what I get for waiting lol. That's ok, Im sure my checkbook will be happy :smile: lol
  6. Hey Sukey, did you check Muse Ten?
  7. Sukey, How tall are you?

    I'm only 5ft 1" on a good day and the large doesn't look too large on me but I never carry small bags so I can get away with larger bags, at least I think so.
  8. Museten doesnt have any SMs in wine....I checked....twice lol
    Im almost 5'4 lol
  9. I am having the same problem. I love then SM in tan, but it only comes in Med. At 5' tall, I'm also worried the Lg might be TOO big. What did you decide?
  10. I'm 5'4" and do not like an oversized bag. Jackie recommended a medium SM for me. HTH.
  11. Thank you. I think I will go for the Med then, if it's available.
  12. Hi imashoppin, I enquired and received an email from Jackie about 2 days ago on SM mediums. Hope this info helps. ;)

    From Jackie -

    "I just wanted to let you know that the SM mediums are selling out very quickly. We have run out of wine and we have almost run out of petrol, chocolate and tan and mottled gold.

    I have no problem holding on to one for you, for a small deposit. I understand you don’t want to buy it until a bit later but if these are the colours you are looking for, I cannot guarantee that we will have any left when you come to purchase one.

    However we might be making it in red, purple, black crash so if those colours are interesting, that is also a possibility."
  13. When I first decided to buy a BE bag, I wanted to get a medium SM in petrol. Then after spending way too much time on the BE site, I decided to go with a LM in petrol instead. Fast forward to present: I have since sold the LM and bought a large SM in aqua from an itbag member and I couldn't be happier. But still, I think my next SM will be in medium as I'm sure it should be large enough for all the stuff I haul around.