Can someone suggest a good name

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  1. Hiya all,

    I am looking for a good name for a brand or a range as I want
    to put a lot of my energy into building this brand.

    I would really welcome any suggestions from fellow members who share this passion.

    My focus is leather bags and there really is no limit on they type of leather or styles we make. Currently we make mostly hobos, totes and messengers (more for business users)

    THanks a million ..

  2. Come on, get those creative juices flowing and give us a good idea .. please
  3. You need a name for your company?? That has to be up to you guys!! Or give us some ideas of what you really like or are drawn to as a name and we can tell you if we like it!!
  4. Thank you Megs! I disagree with this forum being used as a marketing thinktank. And just because no one responded within 2 hours doesn't mean you have to double-post. Double-posting with "come on guys, please respond to my thread" is one of my top forum pet peeves.
  5. pur-suede-sion
  6. BagaBoom- We have nothing to work with! You know your designs best, so it has to come from you!! If you narrow it down, like I said, we can probably help you decide which we like better
  7. Sorry for breaking any forum ethics - i'm new so sorry :sad:

    Background :

    I have been designing bags for a number of years for various
    customers that I am not allowed to mention ..
    I have gone alone a while back .. I have found some great manufacturers in Italy and Asia who supply to the big names and
    are willing to work with me ..
    I want to cater to those who want designer purses but do not want to pay just for the name .. Our items will be between $200 to $800 and a lot more funkier then typical designer bag
    The one place which I am currently stuck on is a name :sad2:
    I really want to give a name chosen by those people who share the same passion as me.

    Thanks ..
  8. Whats wrong with "Baga Boom " ???????? just a thought
  9. Already taken !