Can someone suggest a clear deodorant that's really clear?

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  1. I have bought at least 10 different kinds of deodorant this summer all claiming to be clear or "little black dress approved" or whatever. Not one of them work - they all leave a white powdery residue on my clothing. I wear a lot of sleeveless tops and it's seriously making me crazy.

    Any suggestions?
  2. My HG is Mitchum Smart Solid (previously known as HydraSolid). It is the ONLY one I have ever used that doesn't leave a residue. It's very effective against wetness and odor too.
  3. ^^Mitchum is the best!
  4. I've also tried every "little black dress approved" deodorant. The only thing that truly works for me is Crystal Stick Body Deodorant. It's a clear crystal that you moisten and apply. I thought it was a crock of crap the first time I heard about it, but it turns out that this stuff is awesome.
  5. I've seen that stuff and thought the same thing! I'll have to try it. What brand do you use?

    I have two Mitchum deodorants that I use right now and they both leave residue on my clothes. I have the Mitchum for Women Smart Solid and also the Clear Gel. Does the original Mitchum work better and leave less residue than these?

    Thanks, everyone, for your replies!
  6. I used to have the same problem. I use Kiehls now. It absorbs quickly and very rarely gets on my clothes. I just have to let it absorb for a few minutes before putting on a shirt.
  7. Mokoni,
    It's actually called "Crystal Body Deodorant". Here's a pic. I swear by this stuff, and it's only $4 from CVS, Walgreens, etc.
  8. ARRID works wonders, no other deoderant works for me like this one! And the invisible is actually invisible unlike others that I've tried.
  9. I use Mitchum for women clear gel, and it doesnt leave any residue.

  10. I use the Mitchum clear gel. The trick is to let it dry completely before putting on your clothes for the day. On me, for some reason, this takes about ten minutes...but it's well worth it (I have to survive Texas heat, lol!). I've also tried the roll-on, but it takes too long to dry. I hope this helps!
  11. RoC Keops
  12. I use Tom's all natural. It works best for me.
  13. Ban clear gel. I've tried others, but this leaves no residue and doesn't stain, either.
  14. Ok, so I know this one is way dead...but at least I searched first. lol.

    I'm just wondering if anybody has any new opinions on the best clear deodorant (that actually stays clear and won't get on your clothes).

    I have tried the secret gel, but even with sparse application and allowing it to completely still gets a white powder on my clothes.

    Please help!
  15. I use this too and love it. It has no anti perspirant though, so I use regular deo for working out.