Can someone show me pics of these BV bags?

  1. I'm a total BV newb but when i saw the intrecciato nappa umbria bag (Intrecciato accordion tote on net-a-porter), I almost had a heart attack and fainted. Not even exaggerating :drool: Does anyone have this bag and is willing to post a modelling pic? I'm also interested in the intrecciato nappa montaigne bag too.

    OMG! BV has such a nice interior. it really does it for me *faints again*
  2. sorry i don't have any pics to show you, but i totally understand what you mean about almost fainting. i look at BV bags (espeically the Sloane and the Camapna) and i feel like to cry. sometimes i even get teary, LOL. now that's no exaggeration either! =P

    they're just so beautiful, like works of art.
  3. Wish I could help you with pics, but wanted to chime in on BV love. When I go into the Chicago shop, I can smell the heavenly leather and feel like a child in the best playground ever.