can someone show me a pic of the LUREX garnet?

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  1. ^^ I am having a hard time deciding which garnet to choose, I think i may want signature but I'd like to see a pic IRL before deciding, does anyone have the LUREX black garnet?? please post pics........ tia!
  2. Sorry no pics. I've been stalking this bag on eBay for a while, but decided that there may be other bags I want in the future so I've passed for now. All I can say is that the pictures can't capture how beautiful the lurex C's are. I saw a lady carrying it IRL and it made me fall in love with the bag.
  3. I don't have that bag, but I saw it out my outlet last week and it looks really nice! I have a brown signature Garnet that I got they first came out, and I don't care to have another Garnet. But if I didn't have my brown Garnet, I probably would've gone for the black lurex!