Can someone send me the link of the girl w/

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  1. wearingCoussins bag?
  2. check the visual thread.
  3. its karman......
  4. hope this helps
    coussin4.jpg newmonogramlv10.jpg newmonogramlv03.jpg newcoussin3.jpg
  5. Thank U!!
  6. ohhh nooo...I think I like that bag TOO!!!!!
  7. Who's that hottie in the black tank top? :drool:

    LOL :roflmfao: just joking :smile:
  8. Wow!! That looks sooo cute!!
  9. ^^^^cute!!!!!! hahaha.
  10. Isn't that bag great - it looks so good on despite the different shape
  11. Not very many people like this bag...I fell in love with it when I saw it :love: It was my first monogram! :nuts:
  12. When you wear it - people tell you they don't like it? B/c it looks great on you! Maybe people said it on tpf before seeing it on...:yes:
  13. No, I mean people tell me that they generally don't like this bag...I know a lot of members here can't stand the shape :lol:
  14. ohhh... its on my wish list too...
    Karman look great wearing it!
    it looks great worn!
  15. Its really nice.. i like!