Can someone review the Trenino for me?

  1. Hi girls! I am seriously considering shelling out the big bucks for a trenino sometime this week. I need to use it for an upcoming event to carry my laptop, some papers, and work stuff.

    I read on another site that it is not very good for laptops, because it is not padded very well. I just got a brand new MacBook from work, so I have to be extra gentle with it. Can someone review the Trenino for me and tell me all it's pros/cons?

    Or can you at least let me know how much it can hold and if it is good as a laptop case?

    Much Love and thanks in advance :heart:
  2. I use mine more as a carryon that happens to hold my laptop in the side pocket. I have a neoprin (sp?) sleeve like this that I put my laptop into first because the Trenino isn't all that padded. I travel quite a bit and it works fine.
  3. In my opinion, the Trenino is more of a travel bag than a work bag, just because it's enormous.
    Yes, you can carry a laptop in it, but like Amber said, it's a good idea to have a neoprene or some other padded sleeve around your laptop because the Trenino is not padded.
    It makes a great carry-on or weekend bag because you can easily fit a computer, few changes of clothes, toiletries, etc. with room to spare.
    It's a great bag though because it is so roomy and has several pockets on the inside and outside to hold stuff.
    I :heart: mine!
  4. I would get a neoprene case as robotkitten suggested or what I did when I used it on a trip earlier this year before I got the neoprene case was that I had a changing pad from a diaper bag that I had from before and wrapped up my computer in that before I put it in the smaller compartment of the trenino. I actually got the cucciolo, which is a baby bag since that would be more practical to carry my notebook computer and papers and such in. The cucciolo comes with a changing pad so you can wrap up your notebook in that and then put it in the bag if you don't want to get a neoprene case. I think the neoprene case for the macbook should cost around $30-40 (I just got one for my macbook pro so it should cost around the same or a little less since the macbook is a little smaller).
  5. Cliffs...
    If you mostly want a laptop bag that you can also carry other stuff in cucciolo is probably the way to go.
    If you want a travel bag that can hold a laptop, Trenino rocks.
    Just FYI my Campeggio can hold my laptop but the opening isn't all that big so it's king of a pain to get stuff in and out. My older (smaller) i-book isn't as terrible but the Vaio I use now sucks to get in and out.
  6. Oh yeah and, as you can tell from my sig, a Trenino will very comfortably fit a large spoiled kitty. :greengrin:
  7. I have never tried a laptop in my Trenino but it is a great weekend bag. It is like a black hole- you can get so much in it. The con is that the shoulder strap is not very comfortable if there is any weight in the bag. I mainly use the handle straps.
    What about the Scuola- has any put a laptop in that?
  8. I would agree that Cucciolo is the best bag to use strictly as a laptop/work bag. And, yes, Campeggios are kind of a tight fit for laptops.
  9. Yeah, I wish the Trenino strap had a padded section or something. It actually left like little pressure bruises on my shoulder the last time I used it.
    My laptop fits in a Scuola but I can't really draw the top very tightly closed on it. Someone with a smaller laptop might be fine though. Plus once again, a lot of weight on your shoulders.
  10. yeah, i agree. i have a scuola, but i would never put a laptop in there! it doesn't adequately support that amount of weight.
  11. I was really considering using the trenino as a school bag.. if I need to carry a lot of books that is. I really love the trenino but a lot of people have been recommending the cucciolo for laptops. If you have a padded sleeve for your laptop already, you can just stick it in the trenino (if you're really set on getting the trenino) I have 2 and I havent used either of them yet! LOL I'm so excited to though!
  12. dana you have two treninos?? lol.. wow i didn't realize that! i know you have the foresta from here.. what's the other one?

    i love mine too! i just used it over 4th of July week. that bag looks so deceiving. it does hold ALOT of stuff! =)
  13. Leen - Look at my sig! ;) Inferno trenino! But I might sell it.. if I can find a place to sell it at LOL I dont really need 2 treninos.. especially since I havent even used one yet!! :lol: And I dont even travel!! :sweatdrop:

    Hmm lots of stuff huh?? Wow, I wonder if I'll still use mine for school.. I dont *think* I'll carry THAT much stuff...
  14. Dana: oh geeze! i always tend to overlook members siggys!! duhhhhh!

    so far i've only used my trenino whenver i go to my sisters to visit for the weekend. i haven't overpacked it yet, but i know it can hold alot. it's great for just weekend stuff.. i'm sure you can use it for school.. u don't have to stuff alot in there anyway! =)