Can someone return something via that they purchased in August??


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
Here is my problem.

I sold a book on, a used spanish textbook. I ripped out the first 6 chapters of the book, and listed it in my desription. The book was sold in August. I clearly wrote:

"Notes: Pg 105- the end of the book hasn't been used. They are still in the book. Answers are in the back of the book. My class left off on chapter 6, so, this has the last couple of chapter 6 pages all the way to the end, chapter 16. I do NOT have the first 105 pages!
Item Price: US $25.00"

NOW, I get an e-mail from the buyer saying that:

"The item was not in the promised condition. First 6 chapters ripped out. This needs to be returned for a full refund plus return shipping charges. Please handle promptly. Thank you."

wtf?? If they didn't want it, they shouldn't have purchaed it! AND, even if they didn't read the desription, then, they should have contacted me in AUGUST!! Not October!!

I e-mailed them back saying that:

"I said in my auction that the first 6 chapters were ripped out. I said that pags 1-105 were MISSING. Plus, it has been WELL past 30 days since I sent this book. I accept no refund for this. If you send it back, you will not get your money back."

Is there anyone I can contact via to make sure that I won't be out my $30? Or, do you think this guy will go away? I don't want this book back. I mean, it's his fault, he purchased it an did NOT get in contact with me until now, so, I have no sympathy! If it had been back in Aug, yes, maybe I'd allow him to return it. Not in Oct!! This is ridiculous!!



Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
I don't have any experience selling or buying via, but aren't their rules the same (if not pretty similar) to eBay's regular auction listings? It's way beyond the 45 days, so she most likely doesn't have a case.

I hope it works out as this buyer clearly didn't read your description entirely, which is his fault since you were open and honest about the condition of the book. I wouldn't worry yet.


Nov 7, 2006
What quality rating did you give your book? Here are the quality ratings for textbooks. When you list the item, Tattered or Torn isn't an option, so the lowest rating you can choose is "Acceptable." Based on that, I think would find in favor of the buyer, because (1) a book in this condition shouldn't have been sold, or (2) it was misrepresented with the "acceptable" rating, regardless of your description.

Wonder why it took him this long to contact you :confused1:
Item Quality - Textbooks

  • Brand New - New, unread, unused and in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages. No highlighting or writing on any pages or the cover.
  • Like New - Shiny, undamaged cover, all pages undamaged (no creased, torn, or missing pages), no writing/highlighting, no damage to binding (is or could easily be mistaken for brand new).
  • Very Good - Doesn't look brand new but has no easily noticeable damage to the cover, all pages undamaged (no creased, torn, or missing pages), minimal underlining/highlighting of text, minimal identifying marks in margins or inside cover, very minimal wear and tear.
  • Good - Very minimal damage to the cover such as scuff marks or slightly bent corners, minimal wear to binding, majority of pages undamaged (minimal creases or tears), some pencil writing or highlighting of text (on less than 10% of the book?s pages), no missing pages (you would use it yourself, but wouldn't necessarily give it as a gift).
  • Acceptable - Some damage to the cover such as scuff marks, stickers, or bent corners, some wear to binding (but integrity still intact), some pencil writing or highlighting of text (on less than 20% of the book?s pages), no missing pages (book is beaten up a bit, but it works).
  • Tattered and Torn - We won't sell it! Major damage (holes and/or tears) to a significant number of pages and/or to the cover, missing or stained pages, excessive highlighting, damage from water or other liquids, binding is broken, book cover is missing, book is not readable.


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
I'd have to check, but, I'm pretty sure I listed it as acceptable. I mean, all the pages that were there, nothing was wrong with them, kwim? I didn't even know that that list that you posted was on their website. When I first signed up with (over 2 years ago!) I had no sort of guideline whatsoever as for what someones idea for good/bad/used etc etc was. Which is why I always read the listing. Like I said, if the buyer had contacted me immedietly, and I saw this list, then, yes, I'm in the wrong and would have refunded the book. But, August is a long time from now!! I really wish that if they felt that they were "jipped" that they would have contacted me by now! I guess I will have to wait for his response as to what to do next!

Thanks for that list though...I will keep that in mind from here on out! Normally I believe I undercategorize my books, I guess this time, maybe I didn't? :confused1: