Can someone remind me what Factory means when it comes to bags...?...

  1. I know my friend on a bulldog forum...Got me a Chelsea Field Bag at an Outlet store. And the Creed has the last numbers with an F before them. Which means factory right? But...Um-mm What makes it so special or ordinary to be from a Factory?:confused1:
  2. They are sold only at coach factory stores (outlets)... made specifically for them
  3. :flowers: Thanks so much for clearing that up for me...I was talking to another Coachie at school...And she didn't know...And I told her I would find out for certain before I told her the wrong information. I knew that they were factory bags. But now I can let her know their only OUTLET bags...And only found there...Thanks~:tup:
  4. Hi...I spoke to a manager of a the Factory/Outlet store last week and he said that the "F" does not necessarily mean factory anymore.
  5. That's interesting...I've had my Coach with the "F" in the Creed number since summer I think it's been...Maybe the fall...But definately an "F" bag...FABULOUS!:graucho: It's an all weather bag Chelsea Field Bag...Holds just enough but not the kitchen sink...
  6. if a bag is from the factory, on the authenticity tag on the inside, next to the number will be a small dot. little fyi :smile:
  7. how about some pics and modelling pics of your bag so we can all drool!!!!!!! I LOVE the field bag!
  8. yes I would love to see the FABULOUS bag too please:nuts:
  9. Well...No modeling pictures...My husband doesn't like me to plaster my picture on the internet. :rolleyes: He's low self of steem or something...For he thinks if I have a picture then I'll meet someone...

    Ok...Here's my Chelsea Field Bag

    I didn't notice any "." after or before the F...But I did get a sales reciept from the Outlet where this bag was purchased.

    Can one change the title to add..."Photos added"?
    IMG_2738 (2).JPG IMG_2740 (2).JPG IMG_2742 (2).JPG IMG_2743 (2).JPG
  10. A friend of mine has this bag in brown and I have always admired it - such a cute & functional style!

  11. Mine's a dark brown too!:graucho: Maybe the pictures didn't show it that well...It's such a comfortable shoulder bag...I tend to compare all my others to this one...:rolleyes: They never compare...This one is so comfy...Like PJ's~:p
  12. LOL now that I am on my home computer it looks brown - at work it looked black. :shame:

    I love the PJ's comparision! :lol:
  13. Well...I had actually STOPPED carrying shoulder bags for I was tired of them falling off my shoulder or bothering my shoulder. When my friend chose this one for me...I was sort of on the fence...I loved the feel of the leather...It doesn't really scratch...Cleans easily...And is light and it is so comfortable on the shoulder. That...I often refer it to my PJ's...It's the only way I can describe how much I love the way this bag feels when worn on the shoulder...It's turned me into giving shoulder bags another try...
  14. I gave my mom that bag for christmas (in black)...she LOVES it!

    She also...stole/adopted my Chelsea zippered tote bag (in brown)...I miss it...that leather is just a dream to carry around!
  15. F means final sale. Bullseye means outlet, but not all outlet bags have it.

    Edit - if the F is stamped in the creed but NOT in the serial #