can someone recomend a big, slouchy hobo bag?

  1. Preferably leather. I really like that style. Thanks!!;)
  2. rebecca minkoff nikki hobo....yes i have an obsession with rebecca minkoff but it is a pretty hobo!
  3. "Big, soft and slouchy" fits Tano bags to a "T"... they have a lot to choose from in that category. Here are a few examples:
  4. i got a havana hobo during the HH big bang sale ^ the pics on the site dont do the bag justice looks a lot better in real life, in my opinion. I've also been lusting over the the rebecca minkoff nikki...but haven't been able to find it is she still making this style??
  5. Hayden Harnett Nico is awesome!
  6. How about this one by Gucci? The leather is so nice on it. It also comes in black.

  7. Tano Minilisa! My favorite slouchy hobo bag. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. Plus, it is featured heavily on the show Prison Break, so if you love that show, it would be a great bag to have.
  8. I would go for the Chanel Cabas in Khaki
  9. Balenciaga Day - lovely leather, light and slouchy!
  10. What about the Furla Elisabeth bag? I LOVE it. It's number one on my wishlist right now.


    It comes in black, tan snakeskin and silver as well. What's great about this bag is that it also comes with a detachable shoulder strap (which is really 'in' right now -but also gives the bag versatility). With the strap, the bag looks like this:

  11. Oh, another one I love is by Onna Ehrlich. This is the Jeannine bag.


    It comes in tan, red, navy and black. :smile:
  12. be & d crawford! or the large gucci horsebit?
  13. another vote for the balenciaga day! so lightweight and soft!
  14. yesyes! BBag day gets my vote, too. I just love the leather and the fact that they are soso light. :smile: