Can someone really be this stupid?


Jul 25, 2008
Houston, Texas
I recently spoke with a friend who's an eBay seller about this very type of listing. Listings like this are what sellers are doing to get around the selling limits. They don't put the brand name in the title, but do include it in the item specifics and the listing goes through. When buyers search by brand they see that the bag based on the name they are looking for; they just don't find it by name using the general search function. Not a scam, just a way around the 30 day limits.

Before judging, please remember that if a bag is a fake of not doesn't have much to do with why an auction is pulled from eBay these days.


Mar 22, 2006
Devon UK
am i the only one who's wary of threads like this from new members ? i'm always suspicious that its their own auction .


Mar 12, 2008
I've done that to get around the 30 day notice however I did not use the term "designer bag". Here is an example of how I would list: Ex. I will use the word Ramona in the title but will not say Jimmy Choo. Another example: Spy Bag without the term Fendi etc. I have yet to get the 30 day notice. BTW - the listing that was pulled was not mine:smile: I have to add I think ebay has caught on to this practice because at one time my listing would show up in the appropriate place ex: in Fendi or Jimmy Choo. Now I have noticed it does not auto show up unless when you are searching you check the box that says-- search the title & listing.
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Aug 20, 2006
Alberta, Canada
When my mom's Bestfriend passed away my mom got all her handbags. She went through them and took some she liked - she was looking at the Chanel and the versace and then she said
'And here's one - I've never heard of it so I don't think it's a designer one' - it was a suede FENDI baguette:faint:


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Feb 11, 2008
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Actually, before that listing was pulled, I also checked the item specifics to see if the seller was privy to the name, and it wasn't. So maybe she was ignorant to the fact that it was an actual designer bag. I guess you can never be 100% certain. I wouldn't doubt it if somebody that read this thread saw it and reported it, so it got pulled. You just never know.

It seemed to me from the listing that the seller truly didn't know its name or origin. There was no reference to FENDI anywhere in the listing, other than the F logo on the bag.