Can someone provide pointers for a real YSL?

  1. I was thinking of getting the YSL Muse (either M or L), but figured I might as well try eBay before heading to the store. I know, there's nothing more sure than to buy it at the store, but I'm betting on people who barely used theirs and want to get rid of theirs. :graucho: So, can anyone give me pointers as to how a real Muse should look like? I'm talking about dimensions, tags, authenticity cards, the whole nine yards, anything that can help. Thanks ya'll :heart:
  2. if looking on eBay, the first thing i go by to weed out the huge number of bags is how many detailed pictures there are of the leather, hardware, etc... as well as, of course, the seller's feedback.
    once you've weeded them out, there's an 'authenticate this YSL' section in this forum, and if you post the link, people here will be wonderful about helping you out.
    i would never purchase something off of eBay, regardless of whether or not i thought it was authentic, without checking with the lovely ladies here first.
    there are SO many fakes out there, but also many great deals... i recently got a gorgeous o/s muse from ebay (and a fellow tpf member!) so it's definitely worth the annoyance of the fakes.
  3. kimmiekim, you will find YSL Muse at website at 20% discount.
  4. I will be honest with you- I have lusted after a Muse for about 2 years, looking at so very many on Ebay. I finally gave up and purchased one new at Neiman's last weekend. I just don't have any desire to be taken for alot of money. And I am a big Ebay-er. But if you still want to try then these ladies are the best for authenticating.

    BTW- all the cards, etc. can be so easily faked these days. There is no easy answer.
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