can someone provide me the model number and price for GH Day and HOBO?

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  1. I just rang up NM sales.. i was asking for a day, and they told me they have day hobo. I was wondering are they referraing to Day or Hobo.. and I asked again, they said DAY HOBO.....

    can anyone provide me the model/ serial number for the day and hobo? also the retail price? so I can double check with her tomorrow?

    many thanks to you all
  2. Can you ask them to send you a photo? I had to do that with a NM sales rep just to be sure. She snapped a quick pic w/her Blackberry and emailed it to me...

    Unfortunately, the price is exactly the same for both the Giant Day and the Giant Hobo ... $1245.

    The style # for the GIant Day is 173081
    The style # for the GIant Hobo is 177288

    I got all of the above info from: