Can someone post pics of used Manhat.GM?

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  1. Hi, I think I am going to keep my Manhattan GM afterall, but I am still a little on the fence (and running out of exchange time). I was just wondering if someone can post some pics of what theManhattan GM looks like after its been used. My interest is what the large vechetta buckle looks like as it ages.

    I take good care of my bags but of course the buckle will darken with use and I just wanted to see what that would look like. Thanks for any help with that.......and I am also open to verbal feedback if you like, it's a BIG DECISION! thanks so much, giselle
  2. I hope this helps!!! I have not had this out of the dustbag for ages...thinking of selling it now!!!
    DSC01568.JPG DSC01569.JPG DSC01570.JPG
  3. Thanks so muchSunshine! It looks nice. Do you mind if I ask why you are thinking of selling? I am worried about making this committment and will take all feedback. Some here say they love it.....others not. What do you think? Thanks, giselle
  4. I LOVE this bag...Its is a beauty. I no longer work fulltime, it was great when I was!! It is heavy, and I find the strap a bit annoying, you do learn to work around it, (leave it unzpipped and strap buckled.) I just find my needs have changed as Im not dressed up everyday. Im loving my perf. fuschia, or fuschia neo...smaller bags. Hope this helps!
  5. i think if you are not sure get the lv credit - get a bag you really love
  6. Oh Sunshine thank you for posting those pics. I can't wait unitl the vachetta on mine turns this color. It is still so light. I just don't think it looks right with such light vachetta on the model. Gotta love this bag though. Thinking of carrying mine today!............darkening process SPEED UP!!!
  7. Ladies...if I were to sell mine...what do you think I should price it at based on previous pics.
  8. 1,200
  9. Thanks again for the feedback, you ladies are sweet! Does anyone use this for a daily bag who does not dress up? I am a mom in So. Ca. where we just don't "dress" very much (sadly)'s a pretty casual uniform here. Do you think the Manhattan would work for that too? Thanks again!! giselle
  10. I think it seems like one of those bags you can dress up or down! I don't think you need to save it for dressier times. it's so gorgeous! don't keep it in the closet -- take it out and USE it, enjoy it!