can someone post pics of mono batignolles horizontal

  1. i saw it on someone and it was crazy cute....but i didnt know if itjust worked on that person....thanks.:heart:
  2. or any of the batignolles
  3. Have you checked the *VISUAL AIDS* thread?? There's lots of YUMMY pics there!!:yes:

    OH!! And check out the LV Clubhouse thread too!!:yes:
  4. definitely check out the Clubhouse:yes but here's one of mine:
  5. ^^^ Swanky, you look drop dead gorgeous! I love this bag!
  6. that bag is so pretty and so perfect. i bet it can fit a LOT!
  7. My picture with mine is also in the visual aids thread :yes:

    It fits a TON. I've been using it a lot for school lately since I've only needed to take a couple of notebooks each day.
  8. awwww! Thank you!
  9. Here is mine with my things in it;)
    DSC03739.JPG DSC03738.JPG
  10. thanks looks alittle big or do u feel about the horizontal
  11. I just got the Batignolles Horizontal about a month ago and I absolutely LOVE's my favorite bag by far!!
  12. The BH is one of my favorite bags!!!
  13. does any one have pics of the vertical
  14. Have you search???