Can someone post pics of color wearing?

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  1. Read the thread about color wearing of BVs...Can anyone post pics if this happened to your bag? And what did you do to 'rescue' your bag? e.g. go to the store for help, etc. And what's the result? I think this will be a good reference for other BV lovers.

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Sorry I didn't take pictures of mine. I think the general consensus of my posting was to take it back to the boutique for repair. It wasn't an option for me but it is what I would recommend also. I made the decision not to recommend a specific named product because you just don't know for sure what works for you is going to act in the same manner for someone else. I had second thoughts after posting for that very reason, I would feel very bad if someone tried to replicate the repair and caused even worse damage from something that I recommended.