Can someone post photos of an older paddy's zippers

  1. I just received my forest green paddy from NM and I think it may be a fake. :Push: No tags, looks a little beat up but I do love it and want it to be real but the zippers feel plastic are they supposed to say anything?
    P1010611.JPG P1010617.JPG
  2. There was a thread before regarding the zippers and we all agreed that the 05s have plastic zippers. I have a black 05 and it has the same plastic inside zipper as yours. Also, like what other said, I'm sure it's been returned a few times which is why it looks beat up. However, if you don't feel comfortable with it, return it! No need to keep a bag if you're unhappy with it.
  3. Hello! Please remember that they listed this bag 50% off from for reason. Those reasons could be because it came with no tags, dustbag and is a little "beat up" looking. If it came with everything and was near perfect they'd sell it at the retail price. This bag has been in returned a lot of times because of its condition. [​IMG]

    To answer your question, yes, 2005 paddingtons had interior plastic zippers. I actually started a thread a couple of weeks ago getting a "roll call" interior zippers. You can see that thread here: Interior Paddy Zippers

    If you love the bag, keep it! It's authentic, don't worry![​IMG]
  4. Thanks everyone. They are sending me a dustbag overnight and apologized for the lack of. I love how the straps do seem longer then some of the more recent paddys I've tried. It looks good to me. No holes, rips or stains of any kind. Just lovely smooshy leather. I feel better now
  5. Awww, I am glad you feel better. :yes: It is important to feel 100% confident in the bag you purchased! I am happy for you! :wlae:
  6. Congrats on your paddy.
    Looks great to me.
    Both of mine have plastic zips on the inside :yes:
    No worries! You got a great deal.
    Enjoy your bag!