Can someone post a picture of Speedy 25 & 30 side by side?

  1. I've done hours of searching and will literally go nuts if I keep searching. I'm normally a big bag kind of girl but lately, I've been in the mood for small bags.

    I have a mono speedy 35 and azur speedy 30. I want and is thinking of getting a cerises speedy but I'm 5'4 and 105 lbs. and I'm afraid a 25 will look too small on me. If someone can post pics of them side by side, that'd be great!

  2. This might be a little much, but let me get the pic of my Speedys for you..
  3. Ok..the Cerises is the only 25 in this group..the rest are 30's. Also, the Cerises ONLY came in a 25 so you won't find anything bigger.
    I think you'll be fine with that one.

  4. Thanks, lvbabydoll and bag fetish!!
  5. Here ya go:

  6. sophia has a pic of her speedies side by side.
  7. ^^Wow! I still love looking at Speedies! Great collection, Rebecca.
  8. i think the cerises speedy is gorgeous, if you can you should get it.
  9. Lvbabydoll- love your speedies collection..........actually i love all your LV collections.

    Thanks for showing us the size differnces, I was wondering the same. I think i like the 30 better now.
  10. Thanks everyone. I just sat here for another 2 hours browsing the Speedy thread and now I feel like a loser. :shame::shame::shame:
  11. You're welcome, missyanne!

    And thanks pinki and lothlorien!