Can someone post a pic of speedy 35???

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  1. Can somebody please post a pic of themselves or a celebrity with a speedy 35 bag. Jessica Simpson has a lot of pics with her speedy's. What size does she have shown? Post a pic with her and her 35 mono speedy if she owns one. Thank you. I only see one on this thread posted with the lady deciding which to get rid of (her 30 or 35). but the pic isn't too clear to me about it's size
  2. Am I the lady?? ;)

    You should go into the Clubhouse thread on the top of the LV page and do a search engine for the speedy 35 - there are tons of TPFers with their 35s.....

  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. ^^She makes me want the 30 sooo bad, but I already have a 25 and 30.
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    These pictures always made me nuts because I'd love to know FOR SURE that that's a 35. I personally think it's a 30. Darn - anyone here work for Jessica? :weird:
    It just doesn't look big enough to be a 35. Am I crazy????

    Now I have some pictures here. Some are of celebs, and I think one is of a sweet TPFer here....but these are all 30s with the exception of the Watercolor.
    I just don't know. Half of me really thinks Jessica's is a 30.....????????

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  8. jessica's monogram speedy is a 35.

  9. I feel the exact same way about her size bag. Sometimes to me it looks like a speedy 30 also. it's a great size if it is a 35...who knows for sure??
  10. Jessica's is definatly a 35. You can tell by where the LV's line up next to the tabs for the handles. I think it doesn't look as big because she lets hers sag.
  11. here is a 30, note how things line up on both sides.

    notice how things line up on this bag,

    Not the line up of the speedy 35
  12. i agree with Bag Fetish, it is definitely a 35.
  13. Cheers! How cool is that! You learn something new everyday.........that really helped guys! THANK YOU! :heart:
  14. Jessica's speedy is definitely a 35 - one hundred percent. you can tell by the line up yes and by the bag's tendancy to slouch/hang in the middle. the 35 tends to take on a more fluid shape than the 30, which has a more defined shape. don't get me wrong, all sizes slouch if not filled enough but the 35 slouches more.