Can someone pls post modeling pix of the Chloe Patsy Bowler?

  1. Hello...

    I'm thinking about buying this bag... but I'd love to see how it looks on someone - and would love to hear your opinions about the bag. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance. :flowers:
  2. Originally Posted by beautifulbasics [​IMG]

    Here I am!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL Actually it's a celeb pic but I don't know who the celeb is:upsidedown:. I think this photo could launch alot of Edith Bowler Sales!
  3. My God that bowler is HUGE!

  4. Yea it is....but take a look in the "handbag forum" at Paris Hilton and her Chloe Edith Bowler "copy cat" purse. That thing is monsterous and looks very garish in bright gold.

  5. I think she's much too thin to pull off such a big bag:hrmm:....
  6. I think the patsy bowler is a different bag from the one in the pic...
  7. ^^^^^This is why I do so miserable on T/F type questions on exams, LOL.^^^^

    I slotted in Edith (yes Edith on my mind alot these days) for Patsy, I'm sorry.

    I'd like to see this as well!
  8. Heh heh.. no problem! I totally understand - when you've got something on the brain - you just can't stop thinking about it and assume everyone else is too!! :graucho:
    I do it *all* the time!!
    btw, I'm glad you posted that picture - I just bought a black edith bowler and I've been wearing it for the past week and I am in love with it!! It took reading other ppls comments about it for me to finally "try it on" and go out! :p

    That's how I started thinking maybe I should get the patsy too!!! :nuts: