can someone pls confirm the price of the e/w in caviar of the hybrids?

  1. i.e. the mademoiselle lock w/ the bijoux chain?

  2. Hi. :smile: I called the Saks in Greenwich, CT, because I'm going there tomorrow hoping to exchange my green perfo E/W for the off white E/W with the MM lock, and the SA put it aside for me... she mentioned that it was $1,595. :smile:
  3. tks minal! you're so sweet for remembering to answer my question. it's such an awsome bag. i'd trade you my red caviar e/w for it :graucho:, but i don't think you'd be interested since you have the fabulous red jumbo.
  4. .... I actually love the e/w red caviar!! I think that's a great choice ;)

  5. oh wow! i'm so jealous you found one!!! why did someone tell me they were only available overseas???
  6. if you're refering to the white e/w, i called the Saks in nyc, and was told they didn't buy it in the e/w
  7. soooo I'm confused. what stores bought it?? more important, where can I buy it???
  8. honestly, i have no idea which stores bought it. i don't think too many laadies on the forum have this bag, so it might be quite "rare". good luck, try calling around...try the nm in white plains, or boston or king of prussia, i find that they always have some hard to find pieces, maybe becuase of less traffic in the store?
  9. Hmm... I guess I will find out tomorrow! :confused1: The SA I spoke with at Saks in Greenwich, CT seemed certain that they had the bag, and she even put it aside for me! I'm surprised Saks, Nyc didn't order it, but the Chanel boutiue in Saks at Greenwich has a way better selection than Saks Nyc does... hopefully it is the E/W with the MM lock I'll be bringing home tomorrow! :tup:
  10. Aww, no problem Irene! :heart: Haha, the red E/W you have with the bijoux chain is stunning... no you won't! :p Then I'd have too many reds haha, with my jumbo and '05 red E/W. :p I'm trying to branch out to white (you have a gorgeous white E/W, right)? :heart: I've always been scared to carry a white bag, but I figure with this more distressed greyish white caviar leather, I won't be as worried... well, at least I hope not! :smile:

  11. Has anyone seen an orange e/w? If you have, what's your thought on that?
  12. Okay, so I went to Saks in Greenwich today, and I ended up with the medium/large sized "hybrid" classic flap with the MM lock. I guess the SA had no idea when I said E/W, or single flap classic bag (they really should be more up on things haha, but ohh well)... anyway, it's so gorgeous, but at $2275, pretty steep, yikes (I exchanged my green perfo E/W for this one... I'm really glad I did)! :smile: I don't believe that Saks ordered the E/W style unfortunately, but the medium/large is just gorgeous, so I'm happy. :smile:
  13. congrats, thats probably what I'm going to end up with. I can't wait to see your pics!