Can someone please translate SP1022

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  1. Hello, can someone please tell me what SP1022 means? It comes from a black epi speedy 25. Thank you in advance.

  2. december 2002

    not sure about the location though :shrugs:
  3. Yeah Dec. 2002 :yes:
  4. Are you sure it's SP and not SD?
  5. SP is France, SD is USA, CA is Spain.
  6. SD can also be France
  7. definitely SP.

    you're all the best, what would I do w/o you people?!

    I'm now going to study the date code guide!

  8. You're welcome pinkish :smile:

    Wait... so SD can be either USA or France!?
  9. Yes it can France prior to approx. 1995. After opening of San Dimas, CA, have only seen SD on bags made in USA.