Can Someone Please Tell Me ............

  1. ummmm....not sure. Maybe post this on the "authenticate this" thread. Usually...the beginning numbers on the creed have a "05" or "06" etc...telling you what year the bag was made. This could help answer your season/year question but the picture of this creed doesn't have those numbers?? red flag there. I'd post under "authenticate this" and also ask the seller for the item #.

  2. Actually - this is what the Fall 06 patent gallery totes looked like:



    9789 (the one noted in the auction above) is slightly different and I believe this came out in 2004

  3. Good call, Dewey - thanks for clarifying! I just glanced at the photo and totally missed that it was the older version. Yikes!!

    Sorry for the confusion, queenvictoria!