Can someone PLEASE tell me WHAT THE DEAL IS ?????

  1. I'm quite preplexed about this new wave of skull designs on women's fashion accessories. From scarfs from McQueen to Thomas Wylde bag's, I just don't understand. I'm a medical student and when I see skulls I think of decrepit cadavers I used to dissect in anatomy lab. I think of that unforgettably wretched smell, and the idea of death and demise. I'm I alone???!!! Forget the fact that I've been exposed to that, I'm in the minority. But don't you ladies think of death and morbidity when you see skull designs??? What's the attraction?? Is it because it's trendy? Or the because the expensive, reputable designers are using the image? Please give me your thoughts because I just don't get it. :sad:
  2. ok, i have always loved skulls, but only paticular ones. i like smiling skulls like mcqueen and wylde. the ones that are angry looking or scary are not my scene. i always had a weird fasciantion with happy skulls, hmmmm, maybe a bit macambre thrown in with some rock and roll and rebellious classic attitude. i think skullls are timeless , a little too trendy noe, but that will pass and i will still be wearing mine forever....tetes de morte forever!
  3. I don't see death and morbidity when I see them. . . usually! LOL!
    These aren't bleeding and oozing w/ brain matter, now THAT would bother me!
    It's just a punk or goth kind of thing IMO.
  4. I don't really get the skull thing either, but I noticed Seven Jeans has a design with a skull on it too. It makes me think of motorcycle gangs and tatoos for some reason.
    Maybe it's cause I had that whole cadaver anatomy class in Physical Therapy school, too.
  5. Skulls are so rock and roll to me - I love them but only in a more feminine way ( my McQueen scarf is off white with pale pink skulls ). Like when I see Liv Tyler with her black/white McQueen one which started the craze, she looks amazing and rocks it (no pun intended).
  6. i'm just not a huge skull fan. sometimes i like things with them and other times i do. but in general, not my style.
  7. Like Twinklette said, skulls are rock to me. Edgy, avant garde. Now if the motif was bleeding profusely or foaming at the mouth, then yes I'd proabably think death.

  8. I agree but that statement made me LOL!
  9. rock and roll! That's better, I said punk or goth, Rock and Roll is more along the lines of what I was thinking!
    Something I personally cannot pull off!
    I do love Loganz ability to do it though!
  10. it depends where the skulls are. example: i have a shrug that has tiny skulls all over it. i love it!
  11. Its just something about the TW skull that is appealing to me.. I don't like Mcqueen skull.. just the TW ones..
  12. I kind of understand now, the whole rock and roll thing. I guess I can't pull it off because I would probably give off a negative vibe due to the way I feel about skulls on the inside. I'd most likely wear stuff like that if I were sick or something, you know, to show people how I'm feeling.....
    Thanks ladies for your thoughts!!!!
  13. I'm generally not a big fan of skulls either, but once I went through a pirate phase -- don't even ask... I don't know why... I think it was after watching pirates of the carribean and johnny depp was so hot ;) -- but anyways, I have a paul frank shrunk hoody that has a skull and since it's paul frank it's sorta portrayed in a comical way which I thought was kinda cute.
  14. haha! I LOVE this comment --> :lol: totally agree. Rock on!

  15. skulls were done to death (so to speak) in the punk rock 70s and goth ridden 80s. I was a teen in the 70s so I'm over them but fashion is cyclical so it's no wonder they're back.