Can someone please tell me the retail price of this bag...

  1. ^ I'm not sure about Canadian but I believe it's around $1800 in US dollars
  2. A PM BJ Clemence Evelyne is $1675 US dollars. :flowers:
  3. Thanks! So the bag is called "Clemence Evelyne"?

    How big is the pm? Is there a thread where I can see it? :flowers:
  4. Thanks! This may be my next bag purchase and first Hermes! :happydance:
  5. The Clemence is the type of leather. It's called the Evelyne. The PM is a good size. Here's a pic of mine.
  6. It doesn't look any different than the GM! I thought it would look u know the measurements of the pm? I'm thinking of getting one in purple! :nuts:

    I can't tell from the strap, but can the pm be worn across the body as well? Thanks!
  7. It can be worn messenger style. :yes: I'd say it's around 12 inches or so. I'll try to find my measuring tape tomorrow and measure it for you. :flowers:
  8. Oh Im from Canada ...
    Prices for the Evelyne PM2 clemence was just under 2600 when I looked at it last month!
  9. Whats the difference between PM and PM2?
  10. I think the difference is the 2 has a pocket on the front. :flowers:
  11. Thanks!

    So the one in the first post of this thread does not have a pocket in the front?

    Thats a big difference in money between the PM and PM2!

    I think I might go for the medium size, which should be less than $1800 US, right?
  12. PM is 2200ish I think :smile:
    Well its about 300-400 dollars difference.
    Canadian prices are a bit more than US but I'ld personally rather wait for the H boutiques to have stock here than buy from ebay or anywhere but Canada (dont want to get attacked by customs - my great fear)
  13. Why are Canadian prices more?! :cursing:

    Someone said the PM was $1675 US dollars and that is equivalent to $2200 Canadian? :cursing:

    With Louis Vuitton, a $1800 US bag is only $1940 Canadian!
  14. Arnott, if it makes you feel better, an Evelyne PM in Australia is approximately CDN $3000.