Can someone please tell me if this is a genuine Coach product?

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  1. Hi--I just purchased an item from eBay--a black tote with the serial number: No.L9S-9400. The seller claimed to have paid $329 for it. Does this sound legit? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi there! If you post the eBay # in the thread labeled "autheticate this!", you will get some responses... impossible to tell w/o pictures. Good luck!!

    And welcome to the Purse Forum!! :smile:
  3. Thank you for the advice--the eBay number is: 150093174148 Thank you!!!
  4. ...was wondering if this is a genuine Coach product. Thanks!
  5. At least that feedback is as a buyer, not as a seller.

    Hope your bag is real, Holly! But this pic looks a little off:
    What is that block of brown?
  6. I was wondering the same things... This seller has a few bags that look older, but they could be "made" to look like the older ones...

    Not sure if this is true of the older ones, but the newer leather bags always have signature lining... Plus the fact the the "cell phone" holder thing is in leather and the rest of that area is in lining fabric is kinda off...
  7. This is the seller's exact message: "Hi, Congratulations on winning this Tote! Yes, It is 100% Authentic COACH. I originally paid $329.00 for this at Marshall Fields. The Serial # on the bag is No.L9S-9400. I will ship this Monday to you. I noticed Pay Pal was pending. If you have any other questions feel free to let me know, I will be putting a positive feedback for you being so prompt, I hope you will do the same for me!!! Thanks So Much and enjoy your Bag!" What do you think--any new feelings about this based on her reply?
  8. Her reply doesn't mean a thing.....I just have never seen that creed before. It very well could be real, but I have no clue!

    I bought a fake Dooney and this lady insisted she paid over 100 bucks for it at a auction....BS she did, pics looked great but when I got it it was Plastic horrible.
  9. Yes... sellers will say anything about a fake bag... Also, if this person trys to say that she got it recently... run in the opposite direction... Marshall Fields wouldn't have anything like this for awhile... I dunno... the lining is really bothering me... Can anyone that has older bags chime in here? I've never seen zipper pulls like that either, but again... I don't know about the older styles.

    I emailed her to ask the date of when she bought one of her other bags... have not received a reply though.
  10. I believe it is the Hamtons Leather TransAtlantic Bag. It is authentic. Should come with a lock and 2 keys.
  11. You got a fantastic Deal. This is a huge bag.
  12. Oh I hope you're right--that'd be great!!! At least I didn't pay anymore for it--just in case it isn't authentic.
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