Can someone Please Tell me if this is a 25 or 30?? =)

  1. TIA!

  2. Looks like a 30 to me.
  3. i think it's a 25 (there's 15 squares across the bag and the 3rd square from left has the LV words)
  4. really?? for some reason it looks like a 25 but i want to make sure coz i really like the size! and is that mini one a 30 or 35/? lol i guess i just think its a 25 in comparason to that bit mini lv!

  5. oooh that's so clever ! i want to count the squares on my 30 now!! hehehe =) thank you!
  6. lol 18 so i guess i was wrong. I must be the angle that picture is taken on.. it looks longer then a 25.
  7. okay so this is a 25 right? because i'm going to buy it just as soon as i go to the mall... =)
  8. by looking at the placement of the "louis vuitton" squares it is def a 25.
  9. No, it's a 30. Since you're going to get it in the mall, try both and see which size fits you best. Good luck.
  10. it is DEFFINATELY a 25...because there are 7 squares from the top to the squares that say "louis vuitton paris" . speedy 30s ususally only have 4 squares from the top.
  11. it's a 30. you should look at the number of sqaures from the handles.
  12. 30.

    9 Dark squares across.