Can someone please tell me if this Hermes bag is authentic?

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  1. There is an Authenticate Thread for this sort of questions.

    To answer your questions >> it's a fake.
  2. How can you tell? Also, exactly how do I post a question in the Authenticate Thread for Hermes? I've tried, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere on the page that allows me to add or post a question. Could it be closed?
  3. just use "post reply" as you did for this thread, OMM4...

    ETA: also, browse that thread a will see that we do not post specifics as fakesters use this information to perfect their heinous craft. The bag you posted is not authentic Hermes.
  4. Thanks so much! This totally makes sense, but is there some other way I can educate myself on how to determine if a bag is fake or not?
  5. Buy a bag from your local H store and familiarize yourself. That way you're guaranteed that what you're buying is an authentic product. :tup:
  6. There are some guides on might thry the one by sandia exchange..hers is very good :o) Good luck...
  7. Please post authentication questions in AUTHENTICATE THIS.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.