Can someone please show me how to adjust the chain on the East/West please?

  1. Hopefully the one I got has the adjustable chain. I do have the clasp on the side that looks like an 8, but I can't figure out how to open it for the life of me. Maybe mine isn't adjustable? :hrmm:

    *NEVERMIND I GOT IT Hahahaha! Took forever to figure out though haha. It's like a secret feature of the bag :lol:
  2. There is a stick in the middle of the round clasp. Pull that stick out and you can adjust the chain.
  3. I did not even know the chain could be adjusted....LOL
  4. The chain being adjustable is actually one of the best selling points of that bag.
  5. ^^^It is?:push::love:

    Aww I don't even deserve a Chanel anymore..
  6. i had no idea!

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I had no idea that the chain was adjustable either:shrugs: Must take out my black e/w and have a closer look
  8. Starbrite .. or someone else. Would it be possible for you to show pictures, how it's made and what it looks like when the chain is adjusted?
  9. *LOL*

    I have that problem initially but finally figured out by's a little trick but it's not that difficult after u know it.
  10. wow i never knew that either!!
    if possible, please post pictures of how to adjust the straps ??
    would be appreciated thanks!!
  11. after i posted it, i figured it out!! oh wow thats so cool! i had no idea at the time of purchase!!
  12. i'll try to describe it to you: (this is how it works on my bag)
    if you hold the bag so that you are facing the front of it, open it up and inside on the left hand side where the chain ends, there is a clasp which looks like an oval with a stick in the middle. gentle pull the stick out and the clasp opens... you can then release the end of the chain and hook any part of the chain you like to the clasp so you can adjust its length

    ok sorry if it sounds complicated. it's actually quite simple :yes:

  13. Hopefully my pics will help it make a little more clearer:


  14. jen2586, thank you so much for the explanation and thanks to Beautylicious for posting pics.

    I asked my SA to show me how to adjust the chain on the East/West bag and she said it's not adjustable. :nuts: I kept insisting to her that I've heard many people say that the East/West bags are adjustable and she said she's never heard that before. I was kind of disappointed that I would have to use a ribbon to adjust it myself and then I found this thread! :yahoo:I ran upstairs to get my East/West out and adjust the chain. It was so simple! :woohoo:I cannot wait to show my SA this feature that she has not discovered in the 8 years that she's been working for Chanel.

    Isn't it funny how PFers know more than SA's! :tup:
  15. It really is simple and it is such a great feature on the E/W flap!

    Haha, that's funny, your SA will be very surprised when you show this to her! :supacool: