can someone please rec an SA..

  1. at balenciaga NY. the last guy i talked to wasn't very friendly...thank you!
  2. Sarah. :yes: I always work with her.

    I haven't worked with Daphne but you can't miss a single thread about how wonderful she is.
  3. I've worked with Kim and Daphne, and both are very helpful...
  4. I worked with Terry (female) over the phone and email. She was very helpful and sweet.
  5. I talked to Terry originally and Liz finished up the sale for her (as she was out for the rest of the weekend)... They were both very helpful!!

    Liz went out of her way to let me know that an additional bag like the one I was looking at had been taken off hold, so the leather was more what I was looking for... That is my new Aquamarine 07!! :yes:
  6. DAPHNE she picks out fabulous bags and will lose a sale before she will lie and tell you the bags are nice. If the bags have bad leather, and aren't pretty, she will say so.
  7. I might be in the minority here but I'll recommend TERRY!
    Daisy and Daphne are great too
  8. Terry did a wonderful job of picking out some very nice bags for me to chose from. She sent me the pics of the bags VERY quickly, and I love the french blue twiggy I selected from among the bags she took pics of.
  9. I just called today and spoke with Sarah (my first call to the store) and she was great!
  10. Daphne is wonderful, very patient and kind. Liz is actually the assistant manager, so if you have any problems, definitely talk to her..she is also wonderful.
  11. another vote for daphne, the only SA I ask for. she's awesome and as pp100 said, she does an amazing job picking out leathers
  12. Well I guess it just means that Daphane only hates me then...I get total zilch from at least I know a few other names to try as I will not let D make one red cent of commission from me and that is for sure...
  13. Maybe she was having a bad day. I have never called so I cant help you out. Good Luck!!!!
  14. Daphne was a star to me so my vote is for Daphne, she sent the pictures super quick and my new French twiggy got to me in two days to the UK. I will always ask for her!
  15. Terry was VERY helpful to me; I have spoken with her twice. Thanks to Larnette's post about the FEB. 7 stock at BALNY, I asked for Terry!! My new white city came right away!!