Can someone please post a picture of the Town next to the new smaller City?

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  1. Or if someone has already posted pics please direct me too it
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  2. +1 please
  3. Hi. I don't have a picture because the boutique didn't allow picture taking (I asked). But I looked at them side by side for comparison. The town is taller and a bit wider but the small city is deeper. The SA seemed to think that because the small city is a lot deeper, it can hold as much as the town despite being shorter. I hope someone can post a pic.
  4. IMG_1469399145.427731.jpg
  5. IMG_1469399174.087163.jpg
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  6. I'm a huge fan of the new small city! I bought the new prune color a couple days ago. I fell in love with it instantly! I had a town but the shape never sat right with me so I sold it. I think the small city has a classier shape to it. I will post a pic tomorrow.
  7. Page 11 #207 of "new city - small city" has a couple of photos and some details about handles etc.
  8. Thanks for the picture - I thought the smaller city would be bigger! I am really going to miss the Town.