Can someone please post a comparison of '09 Mandarin & '10 Tomate

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  1. Can some one please post a comparison of '09 Mandarin & '10 Tomate?

    They look almost identical to me....

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I would imagine Mandarin has slightly more brown undertones to it. It looks brown to me in certain lightings, and Tomate would be slightly brighter! Sorry i'm not of much help!
  3. Saw new Tomate in-store yesterday: I think it is a great colour - like a ripe persimmon, is what I would call it (well, I guess the persimmon is a relative of the tomato).

    New Tomate is quite unlike Mandarin, from what I can see: the former is somehow more neutral than Mandarin, if that is possible for a colour as bright as this is. Mnadarin is more orange/yellow. Tomate is slightly softer.

    If I did not already have some bright bags, I would definitely have bought it.

  4. Is Tomate more like Rouille?
  5. Hi TMitch, from what I saw yesterday - and my memory of seeing a live Rouille (I don't have one), I believe you are right.

    However, Tomate seems to have less intensity of the rust than Rouille. I think maybe you could even say Tomate looks like tomato soup with a tiny dash of cream through it: that is what it appears to be - a creamy orange persimmon... sorry, I'm not sure if I've helped or confused you.
  6. Thanks for all your comments. :smile:

    Can somebody please post photos comparing the 2?