Can someone please identify this LV bag?

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  1. Hi everyone! I was wonder if someone could please identify and/or authenticate (if possible) this bag? I want to make sure it is real before I consider purchasing and need to know the model so I could learn a few tricks to know if it is authentic! Thanks! :smile:

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  2. Her #16 item is a fake Speedy so that's not a good sign that this bag is right beside the fake one...
  3. Well these purse are at an auction, but prior to bidding, we are allowed to look at the bag. So I want to know the type of bag it is so I know if it is real through research on that specific model prior to making a bid. This is another bag that was at the auction, as these are the best photos I could take. I just want to know the model, then I will do my own research to determine its authentication. In the case of the speedy, some were able to help based on the photo I posted. This is another one at the auction.. I just would like the model, and if possible based on the photo, an authentication. Just because the speedy was a fake, doesn't necessarily mean these could be fakes since it is an auction. Thanks! :smile:

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  4. These are very bad and very obvious fakes. Shame on them. That alma is pitiful.
  5. Perhaps you should consider looking at a website that sells authentic pre-owned bags? Then of course you can post those bag in the Authenticate This thread just to double-check. Under the Reference Library I believe you will find a list of compiled websites. (Go to the main page of the Louis Vuitton forum, and it's in big black letters.)

    Just as an FYI, start checking out Yoogi's Closet, Fashionphile and Malleries.

    And also, the last bag you posted is called Alma.
  6. May I ask why for these specific ones? What key points suggest that?

    And thanks for the responses :smile:
  7. Please post all authentication questions in the Authenticate This LV thread, thanks!
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