can someone please identify this bag?

  1. It's a Luella bag that has yet to be available for sale. You can check it out on this link:

    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    If you then "click" on the bag, you can give your email to be updated once the bag is in stock.
  2. thanks! do you thinkif i email them i could get the pricing details?
  3. Wouldn't hurt to try... I just searched and, don't have that bag...
  4. It looks as though it may be Juicy Couture b/c of the lock and key hanging on the right side. Maybe it is a bag that they do not have up on their site yet for sale. I would e-mail or call them asking which bag it is.

    REVISED - AS the previous poster said, Luella
  5. it looks kind of big though right?
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