can someone please identify this bag for me?

  1. thanks a bunch! :heart:

  2. That looks like it's from the Rock collection
  3. :yes:
    I actually REALLY like these bags on!
  4. ^ I bet it would look great on you, Amanda! Enable, enable :graucho:
  5. It looks like the largest Rock bag, I have seen it in person in Vegas a while ago tho.:yes:
  6. Wow that's gorgeous on whoever that model is!
  7. It looks great on that model :yes:. Hi Cathy ^^^
  8. thanks everyone! :flowers:
    so the bag is from the rock collection huh?
    which means its vinyl...
    thought it was distressed patent leather!
    but nevertheless, i still like the bag haha
  9. Looks great on you!