Can someone PLEASE identify this bag Britney is carrying?!

  1. Thank you, I knew I could come to the pros!!! :idea:

    Who makes this bag????

  2. That is a cute bag!! But she does need a new stylist......

  3. Does she even have one to begin with?!?!! :push: :roflmfao:
  4. That is a really cute bag.
  5. cute bag ..what happened to Britney?
    she has enough money to hire the best stylist..
  6. Poor Brit...cute bag though.
  7. There was this funny thing on E! News about how she does have a stylist but has just not been using her recently and the stylist is super offended and literally had to come out and say- I'm not the one dressing Britney like that! so she could still get other clients. Hilarious. Pretty cute bag though!
  8. Very cute bag.