can someone please identify these browns?

  1. I am trying to figure out what these browns are. The Birkin is very warm; the GP weekender is very dark.

    Could the Birkin be noisette togo?? I used to think it was chocolate, and then I thought it was marron fonce. And now I have no idea.

    My more urgent query is this: could the weekender be EBENE?? I love this deep, dark chocolate brown, but have no idea what it is.

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong spot - wasn't sure where to put it.
    brown-flash1.jpg brown-noflash1.jpg brown-noflash2.jpg flash2.jpg
  2. Piaffe you need Duna - she's a guru on browns :yes:

  3. Thanks for the tip!!
  4. Ebene is really really dark brown... almost black ... I don't think your GPT is Ebene.... Your birkin might be noisette.. but then again it could be Havane too..
  5. Could your Birkin be havanne ( a reddish brown) and the other marron fonce(dark brown with purplish undertone)?
  6. Your Birkin looks like noisette to me. I have Havanne in swift and it's much darker.

    I don't know about the GP. I love H browns.
  7. Your Noisette Birkin is tdf!!! really gorgeous and looks like it'll grow even more beautiful with age!!
  8. The GPT was labeled chocolate, if memory serves, when I saw it in the store. The Birkin has a lot of red, so I lean towards Havanne as well. Noisette would have more gold.
  9. duna - thanks for the photo (and the very educational PM!!). My GP is definitely different from your photo. *Very interesting* suggestion on the Birkin being vachette ardennes "marron glace"!!! (I attached your old photo from the Reference section below.)

    thanks, all, for the feedback. Who knew H browns were so complex?
  10. I have no idea but it is certainly beautiful! Cheers!