Can someone please ID or help me find a similar ...

  1. looking leather jacket. My first choice would be to ID the one Elle is wearing though. And it HAS to have short sleeves. TIA.:flowers:

    Here are the pics of the jacket in question:

    46348_Celebutopia-Elle_McPherson_leaving_the_Dorchester_hotel-01_122_945lo.jpg 46365_Celebutopia-Elle_McPherson_leaving_the_Dorchester_hotel-03_122_645lo.jpg 46373_Celebutopia-Elle_McPherson_leaving_the_Dorchester_hotel-04_122_427lo.jpg 46385_Celebutopia-Elle_McPherson_leaving_the_Dorchester_hotel-06_122_478lo.jpg
  2. Anyone ... ? PLEEEEEEASE!!!:smile:
  3. Oh WOW!!! I LOVE the second one!:tup: Thanks a million for the links!!!:kiss:
  4. Wow..I love the second's out of stock :sad:
    I hope you got it Irene..
  5. No problem, I hope you can get it!! :flowers: