Can Someone Please ID Jessica Alba's Beautiful Purple Hobo?

  1. I would love to know who makes this bag! I love it!
  2. IDK but that bag is gorgeous...
  3. I know!!! I am extra-drooly for this one!
  4. It was posted in the purple bag thread that it is a CHloe bag from their spring line. I believe they said the price was $1500! Yikes!! It is a gorgeous bag though.

  5. Yikes is right! I was really hoping that someone would NOT say it was a $1500 bag! LOL!
    Oh well....maybe in another life. In the meantime, a girl can drool, can't she?
  6. She always has the most fabulous bags !
  7. Yum! That purple is TDF!!
  8. It's not a chloé it's a Gérard Darel BAg you can see it in the web site: it's a Saint Germain crazy, Sac Midday Midnight.

  9. true true- anyone know the price?
  10. This bag is not in store yet. it's the new spring summer 2008 collection. I don't have the price for now sorry.
  11. WOW!
    You're right! That's incredible! Thank you soooo much!
    That means, among other things, it will be WAY more affordable than a Chloe! I will keep my eyes open for when it is available!
    It's gorgeous!!!
  12. Oh I love it! And look, they have a boutique in Taipei Taiwan were my brother lives....think I could get him to buy me one? :roflmfao:
  13. It's not available in the store near my home, maybe in paris...
  14. That bag is TDF!! :love: Wish it wasn't that expensive!! :sad:
  15. I call my store today and they say it will probably cost 490€ but she wasn't sure.