Can someone PLEASE help verify this red?

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  1. Pretty please... I can't seem to figure out if this is vif or vermillion? And whether it is box or swift or..?? :Push:

    It looks to have a patina yet the shape looks too soft to be box. I've gone into the boutique to look at the leatherbook and vif looks nothing like this on box, its a little bit darker. I am in the midst of placing an order.. if any of you own a Rouge birkin or have seen one, please assist. Love to hear what you lovely ladies think, TIA!

  2. I think it's hard to say with these photos given the lack of clarity and the variability with lighting, etc. I don't think the second one is a Birkin. I agree with you that the most likely contenders are vif or vermillion based on the 3rd photo. The first photo is very puzzling--the bag looks so distorted and has this odd shine/glare.

    If you are placing an order, I think your best bet is to use the leather book as you are doing, and check the reference threads here to look at the various reds in different leathers.
  3. Based on the age of this bag ( those pictures of Kate have been around for almost ten years.....) I would HAVE bet on ROUGE VIF either Courchevel or Ardennes.

    BUT THIS BAG IS NOT HERMES. So, it is not Rouge Vif neither any other Hermes color. It is a Bright red Fake worn by a fascinating woman....

    Love Kate anyway....
  4. ^^Funny, I was thinking the same thing (that it was fake) but didn't have the guts to post that...
    I think I have seen photos of her carrying a fake white one, too.
  5. Oops, I hope I did not break any rule here...;)

    And I still Love Kate....:heart:
  6. ^^Me too. Such an innate and individual sense of style.
  7. Me three. :smile:
  8. There was a picture of Kate that I really loved where she was wearring a beige croc vintage Kelly. A true WONDER ! and a real one !

    Also, she used to carry a Toile Jeans and Tan leather Birkin (was that Courchevel or Vache nat ? I would have to check the pics again.) That was real too ! and lovely!
  9. this is the first time I know Kate has f**e birkins, gosh she can afford the whole Hermes store anytime she wants
  10. Yes, I remember her with the denim toile/tan leather one--very unusual and fun!
  11. kate has quite a cpuple of fake b.s. saw her once in london with a white one that was fakeroo too

    but i say if you are after a bright bright red vif is for you unfortunately only comes regularly in fjord leather but try the reseller market you can find them from time to time in other skins
  12. Fake?!? Get out! Wow, even a true fashionista like Kate Spade.
  13. ah forgot rouge vif is also a new tadelakt color so maybe check that out too
  14. When you guys say fake, do you mean one of those "inspired by the Birkin bag" bags? lol.. so sorry for the lack of term for it, I can't possibly think of what else to call it. I mean a fake would be those that impose to be an Hermes birkins, so this one she's carrying doesn't claim to be Hermes or has the Hermes stamp anywhere on the bag though, correct?

    Oh great, now its creating a bigger dilemma as I can't seem to find the perfect shade of red! :Push:

    She has a real white one now, I think its swift, with gold chevre interior... sigh
  15. lilach, new tadelakt? I don't fully speak Hermes language, yet! please assist..