Can someone please help me with a very nasty seller :(

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  1. I am very upset, not just with the fact that i havent recieved the item i paid for but also the fact that the seller is incredibly rude and calling me a fraud.

    I paid for the item over 2 weeks ago. I am in the uk and the item is from the us. so i understand it will take longer, but i emailed the seller 2 days ago and he didnt reply. i opened a dispute because this has happened once before with a seller and as soon as i opened the dispute the seller just about managed to reply. funny that. the only difference with the last seller which was over 2 years ago now, was that she was very pleasant. I did recieve that item in the end. 2 weeks later but at least it arrived safetly. So i happily cancelled the dispute and apologised to the seller and left feedback.

    This seller is a completely different story. As i said before i emailed him 2 days ago but didnt get a reply, until now because i opened the dispute with paypal. He is saying i didnt email him. but i did. I have the confirmation in the sent folder of my ebay messages.
    He's now threatening me with reporting me for fraud, accusing me of wanting the item for free and wanting his 70 bucks as he puts it.
    I dont want the money. i want my dvd to be quite honest.
    I have positive feedback for every item i have bought.
    I dont really know what to do as hes saying hes going to the post office to file a fraud claim or something. How is that fair on me? I have paid the nasty human being, and i was waiting for the item he supposedly sent. So why am i getting this?
    What can i do? I dont see how this is all fair on me. I did my part with paying for the item. He obviously hasnt done his. I asked for a tracking number in the email but he ignored me.
    So what now?

  2. Sad that sometimes one must file a dispute before get a response. If I were you, I just ignore your seller nastiness, he has no ground to report a fraud claim against you.
    Did your seller provide you with a some kind of tracking number?
  3. I would make sure to do all conversing through ebay messaging so that ebay can see a history between you and the seller.

    Ebay and paypal will protect you and your money. If he doesn't respond to your paypal claim within 7 days, paypal will automatically refund you the full cost. My concern is that he will send something SNAD. So if the item comes, take pics of you opening and whatnot so he can't claim fraud.
  4. ita. he really has no ground to stand on, so try not to worry about it. Let Paypal and eBay do the worrying!
  5. So sorry Lisa-Marie, I understand why you are upset. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Did your seller respond to you through ebay messages, or was it a direct email? I'm sure someone with more expertise in this area will chime in soon, but if it was direct, make sure you keep it, copy it and add it to your dispute, if you can.

    You paid 2 weeks ago and he never contacted you, or replied to your email, or sent a shipping confirmation/tracking number..nothing...correct?

    Just keep a cool head, breathe deep and only correspond with him through the dispute console (however that works). If you receive the package in the meantime, fine, you can just cancel the dispute. As a seller, he can't leave you neg. feedback. He must be a fool, cause you can sure leave it for him.
  6. Hi
    Yes thats what i mean he has responded but to paypal not ebay. I emailed him through ebay 2 days ago but didnt get a reply. So decided to do it on paypal, it worked because he responded right away.
    I asked him if he had any kind of tracking number for me. but he hasnt responded with that. Just with nastiness, like saying hes going to report me for being a fraud.
    I am so honest. Its so unfair. I really like ebay but im started to really hate it after this.

    I have just recieved another message from him while i was typing and hes given me a tracking number this time. The only problem is. the tracking number doesnt show anything much.
    I'm not sure the rules of this forum, am i allowed to post the tracking number? It just says it has been accepted at

    Your item was accepted at 3:18 PM on January 22, 2010 in JACKSONVILLE, FL 32244. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    Now i dont know if thats really mine or someone elses anyway.
    Other sellers from the U.S have sent me tracking numbers also that i can actually track the item every step of the way with, which is the company who delivers the item to me in the UK. This tracking number does not work with that company/website. So i dont know.

    He also finished his lovely message to me with IF YOUR TRYING TO PULL A FAST ONE I WONT LET THAT HAPPEN.
  7. It may not be scanned again until it reaches you. It really hasn't been that long.
  8. Once the item reaches the final destination, it will show on the usps website.

    As far as his nastiness, I would leave feedback that he's an unpleasant seller and slow to response to inquiries.
  9. I wonder if he thinks he can put that on your "permanent record" (as our school teachers used to threaten us) :smile:

    As others have said, communicate ONLY thru the ebay messaging system. Disregard his ill temper -- he can be as much of a threatening bully as he wants. There is nothing he can do to you. Sorry this loser has got you so upset!
  10. I know it hasnt been overly long but it all started with the fact that he wasnt replying. and it took him ages to give me a tracking number. I asked three times for it. I have thanked him for the tracking number and said all i can do now is wait.
    A final email from him

    This is not only about your 70.95, this is also about my 70.95.You never emailed me. Produce the email you say you sent. I do not care about your feedback. You are jumping the gun and you are trying to get 70 bucks for free. I promise as the day is long this will not happen. You never emailed me. I am not name calling.. I am simply telling you there will be a mail fraud claim filed with your name on it because I now feel the need to protect myself from overreacting theif buyers.
    I have an appointment tomorrow with the United States Post Office to deal with this.

    How nice. now im a thief, apparantely.
  11. I would forward that final message from him to ebay, and say you feel it is threatening. If you can't find the link on ebay for that (search "Help" for "threatening messages), post back here and I'll try to find it for you -- this bully needs to be taken down a peg or two.

  12. It's funny how 'strong' someone feels when they are sitting anonomyously behind a keyboard! He is probably the biggest wimp on the planet! Just ignore those emails. When you leave feedback, I'd be sure to add that his emails were malicious and he was hard to deal with as a seller.

    Of course, he could be in a lousy mood because his hemorrhoids were bothering him! :roflmfao:
  13. So sorry this is happening to you, what a nightmare!!

    His behaviour sounds absolutely ridiculous - mail fraud?! Surely if he sent it with a tracking number, then he'd know himself that he would be able to tell if/when you receive the item. He seems a little bit too defensive to me. Try not to worry and I really hope this works out for you!

    Edit: Definitely report him for his messages. There is no need for rudeness or threatening of any kind, and you need to let him know you won't be intimidated.
  14. This is a very nasty and rude seller..his behavior is uncalled for and inappropriate..

    communicate only thru ebay and keep a copy of all of his e-mails and certainly

    would contact paypal and ebay with regard to this comment.. absolutely out of order

    and he needs to have a warning about this kind of threatening e-mail.. do not let

    him bully you.. there are words for this sort of person....
  15. Sorry that you have to deal with a paranoid seller. It doesn't matter he receive the eBay message or not. You haven't got the DVD. That's all matter. As long as tracking doesn't say "delivered" the post office can't do anything about that. Especially this is an international shipping.
    You don't have to communicate with him any more. Let PayPal deal with this. It's not unusual for a package not to show up on tracking for 2 weeks. I had some items purchased from UK took a month to get here (New York).
    Just wait and never close the dispute until you received and make sure the item is as described in the listing.