Can someone please help me read this stamp on an evelyne 3 GM in Clemence Etuope please

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  1. I brought this bag last year in December at a Hermes shop in Hong Kong, but I didn't check out the stamp until now since I am very new to Hermes and I just brought this as my first bag. However, I recently checked the stamp on my bag and it was not like what I saw on the internet. I could not understand and read the stamp so now I'm very confuse about what stamp is this bag. Can someone please tell me or explain why is the stamp not like what I saw on the internet please, and please tell me what stamp it is. It could not be fake since I brought this bag directly from a Hermes shop in Hong Kong.

    This picture below is the stamp that I saw on the internet


    These two images below are pictures of the stamp on my bag
    IMG_0084 2.JPG
    Thanks !
  2. Hello and welcome. We don't discuss what makes a bag authentic (though I realize that seems not to be your primary concern) as it aids counterfeiters. The marks are an internal system and can vary; if you bought it from a store, I wouldn't worry. Closing this as we do ask that authenticity related questions (which this is) only go in the authentication threads. Thanks for your understanding.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.