can someone please help me out with the style of this Chanel bag???

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me about this chanel bag that I got, I have no clue what kind it is....its bright yellow fabric with red hearts all over, and inside the hearts there are roses, #5 symbol, effle tower ect, the inside of the bag is white silk with chanel all over, and the strap is a chain with bright green leather and the bag is on the smaller side.....I need to know the style...and maybe how much they run, Im hopefully looking to sell it...and I dont own any Chanel bags AT I need all the info I can get I'm clueless!Thank you!:smile:

    ***for some reason I cant attacth my photos it says invalid link...any suggestions.....
    can I give out my email of here??

    thanks again