Can someone please help me locate these Chanel platforms?

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  1. I am in love with these shoes, but I can not find them anywhere. Are they even still available? TIA!!

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  2. I saw them on ebay a couple of months ago.
  3. Lots of those on ebay right now. At good prices too!
  4. ^ I have been checking Ebay daily for like a month, but so far none in my size:sad: I'm not giving up though, I am determined to own those shoes:yes:
  5. Casey, what size are you looking for? I'll keep a watch and let you now if I see it!!! ;) I'm the ebay stalker. LOL
  6. I would need a 38. Thank you so much!!
  7. 38 it is!!! I'll find it for you sweetie! :tup:
  8. 38.... in back?
  9. ^ Yep, I am looking for them in black in a 38. I saw a white pair on ebay in a 38, but I am REALLY wanting the black ones:smile: