Can someone PLEASE help me locate a Steel GH Brief or Day?

  1. I am not having luck finding any good SA's. They all seem like they have no clue about Balenciaga and the styles and colors. I need to buy my bag from a store like Barney's or Neiman's where I have an account and can return for money back incase. I don't think I can afford to take a chance in getting a bag from BalNY and spend so much money on my normal credit card.

    It's very easy. All I am searching for is a Steel Day or Brief in GH. Silver or Gold. Whatever!!!!

    If anyone can help me locate one at a big store like that, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks :idea:
  2. You might want to try Nordstroms in Sacramento. I use Barbara there. Tell her Kim told you to call her. I got my Steel Brief with Silver GH from her. Maybe they have a second one. Seems to me they wouldn't just order one. Good luck!
  3. ^ Oh wow thank you Kim so much!!!!!
  4. starbrite: i just sent you a PM about steel gold GH brief!