Can someone please help me identify this bag? Seen at the St Tropez store...

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  1. Sorry, I have no pics, just a verbal description.
    I have tried to Google it, using the search function here and also the reference library.

    I saw the bag in July at the St Tropez store.
    It reminded me very much of a travel Lindy in style and size (but note: I haven't seen a travel Lindy IRL). It was made of cloth/toile in bright colors and I saw it in two colorways; pink with a contrast piping and the other one green with contrast piping.
    The tag said only sac de plage and the price was 600+ euros (under 700 eur).
    I wasn't that interested at the time, but later on it has been bothering me:smile:.
    Can someone here help, please?
  2. Was it perhaps the one in the bottom left of this image?


    Image courtesy of Kallie Girl and her SA.
  3. That's the exact bag, thank you both!
    My mistake, I only did the search in French on tpf, should have tried in anglais as well.
    Why does the price seem fairly low for H? Of course it is toile but still...
  4. I think all the all fabric bags are in the range of $300 - $900 €200 - €600
    They are fabric, after all, don't give them any ideas! :biggrin:
  5. Hehee, that's true :whistle: - please delete this thread:P