Can Someone Please Help Me Find These Cl's!!!!!!!!!!

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    I HAVE BEEN GOING CRAZY TRYING TO FIND THESE SHOES, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN GABINE HEEL in gold with a cork heel, or in gold with a cork heel.

    If anyone has senn these shoes lately in a boutique , website wherever please let m know, I would love to have these for my b-day. Thank You!!!!!!
  2. What size are you looking for?
  3. A 39 Or A 39.5 Thanks!!!!
  4. I love these. Still contemplating them.
  5. Shoegal, I just saw these today at Bergdorf Goodman. I think that I even tried on a size 9. They have them in gold with the cork heel. Call Thomas Khadafi at BG, he can help you order them in your size.
  6. What is the retail for these shoes?
  7. BG doesn't have the CORK UPPER version with GOLD PEEP-TOE/heel (i.e. the exact Nicole Richie shoe). They have the "reverse" version as Kamilla850 mentioned -- the gold upper with cork heel which is dressier. The Nicole Richie version sold out long ago.
  8. I saw this shoe on eBay when I was looking for something else, don't know if she had your size though -- not sure if I can put the eBay seller name in this posting so pm me if you cannot find it.
  9. Hi-
    Do you remember how much they were????? thanks!!
  10. Don't know how much they are on Ebay, but at BGs they were $499. I saw them again today.
  11. Hi Kamilla-
    I purchased the gold with cork heel from BG'S (thanks for the tip by the way) , but did you see the cork with gold heel version as well??????
  12. were they $499 on sale?
  13. Yes they were on sale and I live in L A so I didnt have to pay sales tax!!!!!
  14. Do you guys know how much the cork and gold heel version cost normally?
  15. Also, how is the sizing? Did you have to go up 1/2 size?